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CBlue is an IT consulting company dedicated to the development of e-learning platforms as well as the installation and maintenance of web products infrastructure. CBlue assists you in the implementation of your online projects, from the analysis of your hosting needs to an adapted and complementary maintenance, through the implementation of a customized infrastructure.

For several years, CBlue has specialized in the field of educational content distribution through LMS (Learning Management System) platforms and hosting services. Indeed, the company has its own hosting and network infrastructures. The majority of CBlue's infrastructure is located in two datacenters in Belgium to which access is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. 

CBlue has the advantage of being able to offer its customers a unique and integrated solution. Indeed, the company masters the entire production chain and delivers a continuous quality service that allows for the evolution of the LMS and the infrastructure in order to respond to the needs of its customers. Thus, the most frequent adaptations that we carry out are related to the ease of management of the platform (link to an authentication system, interfacing with the end customer's systems, making custom reports, etc.) and adapting the capacity of the infrastructures.

Our expertise

CBlue is a company specialized in the distribution of content on the Internet in the develoment of e-learning platforms. The company is active in the fields of system and network administration, high quality hosting and web development. 

The solutions we offer are tailor-made, in line with you company's needs. 

24-hour availability, 7 days a week

A service level agreement of 99.9%

A reference in the industry

An adapted backup system

Our team is at your disposition for all your problems whether they are minor or major. We can be reached by email and phone during business hours and 24/7 by phone for any blocking issues.

We offer a 99.9% service commitment on a monthly basis. An unavailability of 40 minutes may imply a refund from us. 

Since our first year of activity, CBlue has not stopped proving to its customers its expertise in web hosting. Our many customers, including the CNED (Centre national d'enseignement à distance), Total, SciencesPo, etc. can confirm this.

We adapt the storage according to your needs for the different back-ups. No additional costs are generated.

A human-sized company

Complete redundancy of your infrastructure


A personalized service

With us, you are not a number. From the beginning, you are in contact with the same people who will know about your project and its progress.

We offer the possibility to implement a complete redundancy of your hosting solution. Not to mention that the hosting is 100% Walloon!

We take care of the complete management of your server as well as your updates. 

Regardless of your project, our team is there to guide you and assist you in your choices! We bring you the technical expertise necessary for the proper deployment of your content.

They trust us !

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    • I'm glad to have a web host with a great team and services!

      I have been working with CBlue for 7 to 8 years now and I am delighted to have a web host with a great team and services! Mr. Ligot is always very helpful. The equipment and services offred are serious while the staff is qualified and efficient in the emergencies to manage. We have tried other providers that really disappointed us, but since we have been with CBlue, all our problems have been solved (hardware and software) and we have not had any major problems!

      Roman Mazzulli – CEO of Zzam

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      Commercial manager

      Project Manager

      Linux system administrator

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